We were absolutely blown away by all the love and support shared with us during the Sage Mediterranean Grill Grand Opening. That was incredible.

Thank you so much.

The amount of people that came out and celebrated with us was unreal. We were thrilled to share a special day with everyone.

Our biggest takeaway of the night was this: everyone loved the food! We have some things to learn—especially handling crowds that massive—but we are super grateful that everyone we talked to loved the food. From the Chicken Shawarma to the Falafel to the Chocolate Hummus, Chef Aysar made every dish look and taste absolutely spectacular. It was one of those nights we wished our stomach would never get full.

The best part?

So many of you came with a bunch of your friends and family. We built Sage Medtierranean Grill as a place where the community can sit down, relax, and enjoy time with each other while tasting the best authentic Mediterranean food Georgia has to offer. 

We saw families hugging each other, friends laughing together, and the community sharing our favorite meals as one. It warmed our hearts to see all of our goals were met in the very first moment of Sage Mediterranean Grill’s lifetime. We will continue working hard to meet those goals again every day going forward

Everything was amazing.

We are so grateful for the support everyone showed Sage Mediterranean Grill all night long. From the dabke dancers, to the live music, to each and every customer: every one of you added to a spectacular night full of fun and great food for everyone.

It was amazing to see so many different people come together with one love—our authentic Mediterranean food. The community around the Mall of Georgia is amazing and the whole team at Sage Mediterranean Grill is thrilled to be able to offer a place where everyone can walk in feeling welcome and walk out feeling satisfied.

We can’t wait!

The whole team at Sage Mediterranean Grill is excited to see what the future has in store. We think we’ve achieved our vision of providing authentic Mediterranean food to the community and creating a family friendly atmosphere. However, we are still taking each day one meal at a time. That being said, our whole team is very happy with the first step we’ve taken towards providing a top notch dining experience while sharing our culture with the Mall of Georgia community

To the future!

Today we raise our glasses to all the hard work and community support that got us where we are today and to each and every meal that leaves our kitchen tomorrow. Thank you so much to everyone that came out.

In the meantime, check us out online at thesagegrill.com and we look forward to serving you again soon.

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