Have you heard?

The Master himself, Chef Aysar Fuquha, is taking his talents online! To better share his love of cooking, Chef Aysar will be launching Worldwide Eats, a Youtube Channel dedicated to the best recipes from around the world.

Here’s what you need to know.

Chef Aysar will be bringing you a new recipe every week. Each video will highlight a new recipe from various cuisines that you can easily prepare in your home. Prepare for Chef Aysar to share all his cooking secrets with you while he combines new and interesting flavors. 

The goal?

Worldwide Eats will provide every viewer with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to cook and enjoy dishes like Beef Tenderloin, Fish Beurre Blanc, and Stuffed Lamb the way they were meant to taste.

Learn how to cook 5 star meals at home.

The primary goal of Chef Aysar and Worldwide Eats is to take the best recipes from around the world and bring them straight to your kitchen. He’ll show you a step by step process each week demonstrating how you can take simple ingredients and turn them into 5 star meals right at home. No need for fancy tools or years of practice. All you have to do is listen closely and you’ll soon be able to cook all your favorites.

No experience is necessary.

The hard work has already been done. Chef Aysar has spent his entire life scouring the globe for the best flavors and the best ingredients. With all that experience, he’s tried everything and will break down every step for you. His tutorials will be fun for experienced chefs and accessible for beginners because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to try all of Chef Aysar’s amazing recipes.

Appetizers, entrees, side dishes, you name it!

There are too many great foods from around the world to focus on just one cuisine! That’s why Chef Aysar will be focusing on dishes from all over—you can enjoy the best dishes in the world! If you keep up with Chef Aysar’s videos, you might have a future in cooking in front of you! Even if you don’t become a master chef like Chef Aysar, you can absolutely enjoy each week’s new tasty recipe with your loved ones. 

Check back each week on Youtube at (link to channel) so you don’t miss out on the newest recipes!

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