Sage Grill and Cafe believes food is so much more than energy to get us from one task to the next.. Our food is created to nourish your mind, body and spirit. Enjoy the flavors, enjoy your environment, enjoy the people you are with, not only when you walk through our doors, but throughout all of your life. We believe that life is a blessing and we should take every opportunity to enjoy it.

This is the philosophy that guides all of our recipes and all of our interactions here at Sage Cafe and Grill.



Each ingredient is a piece in Chef Aysar’s art form: food. Like painting, every color, every brushstroke, is practiced to perfection to bring out all of the best flavors of the Mediterranean.

From the shawarma to the falafel to the Sage Burger, every item on the menu is a masterpiece years in the making.


We train all of our staff to enrich your enjoyment during your Sage Cafe and Grill visit. Our hosts and waitstaff are here to enhance our customer’s experience from the moment you walk in. Let us know if there is anything you desire.

Meet the Team

Jordan Satary and Chef Aysar are at your service. They bring decades of business and culinary experience, respectively, to the table to ensure you enjoy every aspect of your Sage Grill experience.


Jordan Satary



Aysar Fuqaha

Executive Chef